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    We'll ask you to prepay your entire move. While this sounds unconventional, it is common practice in the moving industry. This is due to a simple reason: Once your shipment is en-route and you have left the country, it is very tricky to collect open payments. However, while there is no way to circumvent the fact that you need to prepay the full amount of your move, we try to make it as convenient as possible for you:

    Payment options

    • We offer you to pay via bank transfer, credit card and PayPal¬†

    Payment terms

    • We offer prepayment discounts. Please ask for one once you are in touch with your personal relocation expert here at Relocately
    • If you decide to pay via credit card or PayPal, we are charging an additional payment fee of 3%. We don't make a profit here - we are simply forwarding the costs that we are being charged from the payment service provider (the company handling the transaction)

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