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    Who are the people at Relocately

    At Relocately, we have several departments which are working hard to make your move a success. When you are moving with us, we are striving to limit the amount of stress that your relocation is causing you. That's the reason why most communication will be channeled through your personal relocation expert here at Relocately. However, the following teams do support your move in one way or another:

    Account management team:

    The account manager team is our team of relocation experts. Every relocation expert has received in-depth training on international moving in order to support you during your relocation. As most people prefer to speak in their native language, we are able to support your moving request in the following languages: English, French, Germany and Spanish. The following rockstars are members of the account management team at Relocately:

    Team France & Belgium:

    • Witold L.
    • Alexander R.
    • Aouregan C.
    • Adelaide N.
    • Marie G.
    • Thibaud M.
    • Whitney A.

    Team Germany, Switzerland & Austria

    • Lilli S.
    • Seret N.
    • Mario R.
    • Cheyenne D.
    • Christian A.
    • Vivienne G.
    • Natassja W.
    • Anish D.

    Operations & Logistics team:

    The operations and logistics team is responsible for making your move happen. The members from the operations and logistics team are constantly in touch with the members of our partner network and make sure that your move goes as smoothly as planned.  The following rockstars are members of the operations and logistics team at Relocately:

    Team France & Belgium:

    • Celine L.
    • Rheda B.

    Team Germany, Switzerland & Austria

    • Tatjana P.
    • Natalja R.
    • Andre S.

    Finance & Accounting team

    The finance and accounting team makes sure that invoices are created, amended and send to partners as well as clients. They'll support with payment confirmations and make sure that everything is in order so that a move takes place without any interruptions. The following rockstars are members of the operations and logistics team at Relocately:

    • Zerina N.
    • Salma J.

    People & Culture + Recruiting

    Our people and culture team ensures that our team feels taken care of. Our recruiting team helps to grow the Relocately team be searching for the best talent available. The following rockstars are members of the People & Culture + Recruiting team at Relocately:

    • André G.

    Technology & Marketing

    The technology and marketing team is in charge of developing the future of moving technology. Whether it is an internal tool to help deliver the best moving experience or an external website, our team is always working on something to improve the way we delivery our services to clients and how we work with our partners. The following rockstars are members of the technology and marketing team at Relocately:

    • Miguel A.


    Our leadership team is responsible for the individual departments and consists of:

    • Dirk R.
    • Tobias W.
    • Selin G.
    • Andre R.
    • Nina K.
    • Julian T.

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