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    Who is Relocately and what do we do?

    Relocately is an international relocation service provider specialised in moving your household goods. We focus on international moving services with overseas destinations, but can also help when you are planning to move from one country to another. With our global network of moving partners, we can delivery almost any kind of moving service. 

    Relocately was founded in 2016 by Julian Treidler and Lennart Will in Berlin, Germany. While the initial focus was put on clients moving from Germany to the United States, we quickly expanded our coverage to help more clients move internationally. While the service we are offering is in itself nothing new (people are moving internationally for quite some time already), we do consider us to be different from many other players in the industry. Our approach is twofold:

    One the one hand, we believe that you as the customer need and deserve a knowledgable expert at your side who consults and guides you through the different options, quotes and requirements that you will face when moving internationally. Having completed thousands of international relocations already (and adding over 100 relocations per month), we consider us to be the knowledge expert at your side. Of course we are a business and want to convince you to use our moving service, but we do this very differently from many others out there.

    In contrast to some other companies in the industry, we include all foreseeable costs in our quotes to be as transparent as possible. At times, this means that our quotes look more expensive than others when in fact, they are not. Our quotes at Relocately simply include all foreseeable costs. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, as it's very stressful), most people our there don't move internationally frequently. Thus, comparing moving quotes from different moving providers feels like learning a new language at times. To make this daunting task a lot easier, we offer a free quote-comparison service free of charge. 

    Learn more about how our quotes are structured and what to look out for in this article. You can also arrange a quote comparison call at the end of that article : Click here

    Another factors that makes your relocation experience unique: You will keep your personal relocation expert at your side throughout your entire move. While there are obviously also other members of our team involved (for example our operations/logistics team), your relocation expert is responsible for your move from the first call until you and your belongings safely arrive at your new home.

    On the other hand, we believe that technology makes a lot of things and activities easier. In today's world, technology is everywhere. However, in the moving industry, technology adoption is slow. We try to integrate technology where ever it makes sense and adds value to the people involved. Thus, we have developed multiple applications that make your relocation experience with us much more convenient. For example, when you move with Relocately, you have access the all of the following tools:

    • A document manager, which provides you with up-to-date copies of all required documents required to organise and handle your move. For almost all moves, a copy of your passport alongside some customs documents is required. You can learn more about the documents required for your move by selecting the country guide for your destination country below.
    • An inventory manager, which provides you with a digital list of your inventory to asses and plan which items should be moved or go into storage instead. You can use this inventory manager 24 hours on any day of the week to be independent of our opening hours. And the best thing about it: If you want to inquire quotes from other moving companies, simply download your inventory list as a PDF and send it to the companies you want to receive a quote from.
    • A tracking manager, which provides you with an overview of where your belongings are currently located. Keep in mind that, when you are moving internationally, your belongings will be shipped for a couple of weeks (exact time is dependent on your shipment option and destination country). During this time, we want you to always know where your items are, without having to ask your relocation expert here at Relocately.

    Learn more about the different tools we have developed to make your moving experience unique by reading the following article: Click here

    If you are interested in learning more about the routes that we are serving to understand whether we can help you with your moving requirements, please see the following list that shows in which locations we help clients:

    We help you move out from one of the following countries:

    • France
    • Belgium
    • Switzerland
    • Austria
    • Germany
    • Luxembourg
    • United States of America

    We help you move to one of the following countries:

    • Argentina (Read our guide: Moving to Argentina)
    • Australia (Read our guide: Moving to Australia)
    • Brazil (Read our guide: Moving to Brazil)
    • Canada (Read our guide: Moving to Canada)
    • Hong Kong (Read our guide: Moving to Hong Kong)
    • Israel (Read our guide: Moving to Isreal)
    • Japan (Read our guide: Moving to Japan)
    • Malaysia (Read our guide: Moving to Malaysia)
    • Mexico (Read our guide: Moving to Mexico)
    • New Zealand (Read our guide: Moving to New Zealand)
    • Singapore (Read our guide: Moving to Singapore)
    • South Africa (Read our guide: Moving to South Africa)
    • South Korea (Read our guide: Moving to South Korea)
    • Thailand (Read our guide: Moving to Thailand)
    • United Arab Emirates (Read our guide: Moving to United Arab Emirates)
    • United States of America (Read our guide: Moving to United States of America)

    Our main office is located in Berlin, where a team of 35 people supports you with your relocation and moving requirements. Get to know our team by clicking here. 

    In order to deliver our moving services in the best possible ways, we are very clear on what we can do and what we can't do. If you need help with anything of the below, we are afraid that we cannot help you:

    • Commercial moves
    • No moving services, but only relocation services (such as support during the visa application process)
    • Any destination country not mentioned above
    • Any origin country not mentioned above

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