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    Volume estimation service

    First of all, when planning an international move, you need to understand the volume of your move as this determines whether you require a full container for yourself or whether you are able to consider a shared shipment. Indirectly, this means that the volume of your belongings is actually the main price driver.

     Assessing the volume of your move is basically applying simple math: 
    1. You take the three dimension of each piece of furniture (length, width and height) and multiply these values to get the volume of a single item
    2. You add the volume of all items to get the volume of your entire inventory list
    Essentially, this means you have to create an inventory list of all the items that you want to move with you to your new home. Noting down all the items you would like to take with you is actually a straightforward task. However, it suddenly becomes challenging once you have to factor in the the following activities:
    1. Your needs to be wrapped with the right packaging material to withstand the forces that will apply during shipping your items (e.g. when the items are on a container vessel driving across the ocean)
    2. Your loose items such as clothing, cutlery & crockery, books and other items need to be stored in boxes
    3. Both the wrapped furniture and boxes need to be loaded into either a container (if you have enough volume to fill an entire container) or a smaller sea-freight box if your volume qualifies for a shared shipment.

    As this process is challenging for everyone who is not trained in assessing the volume of shipment, we offer various volume estimation services depending on your needs:

    1. Our inventory manager, which helps you to conveniently write down all the items you want to consider shipping
    2. A physical estimate of your belongings conducted by a member of our partner network
    3. A virtual survey via a video call conducted by a member of our relocation expert team

    If you are interested in accessing our inventory manager, simply follow this link to get access: Click here

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